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Welcome to the Jungle - DIY T-Shirts

Updated: Mar 25

This has been my biggest shirt project yet. Jungle theme shirts I'm making for a parade.

For this project I gathered my supplies:


  • Lots of heat transfer vinyl... Blue (approximately 12" wide x 14" length per shirt)

  • 10 Lime Green Gildan T-shirts - these are 100% cotton

  • Heat Press - I used the Cricut Easy Press 2

  • Pressing Mat - I used the Cricut Pressing Mat

  • Weeding Tool

  • Cutting Machine (I used the Cricut Maker)

  • Cutting Mat

Step 1:

Open Cricut Design Space or other design editor for your cutting machine. Upload your design or create from scratch.

Step 2:

Prepare your cutting mat with your vinyl, remembering to put the shiny side down. Mirror your image before cutting it.

Step 3:

Load the cutting mat and cut the image with your cutting machine.

Step 4:

Using your weeding tool, carefully remove the background of the image.

***Tip: For keeping those tiny vinyl pieces out of your way while weeding... use a lint roller to stick your vinyl remnants to. ***

Step 5:

Once your image is completely weeded you can carefully remove the vinyl from the cutting mat. ***Tip: When removing vinyl from cutting mats, peel the mat away from the vinyl not the vinyl away from the mat.***

Step 6:

Warm up your press and get your pressing mat ready.

Step 7:

Place your shirt on your heat press, pressing pad. Pre-press your shirt to remove any moisture from the material. I pre-pressed 5 seconds at 315*F

***Tip: Use a clean lint roller sheet across your shirt before pressing to remove any kind of loose fibers that may limit the bond between vinyl and material.***

Then, place your HTV image on your shirt. When you get it placed, press at 315*F for 30 seconds using firm pressure, or as instructions say on the vinyl packaging you are using. I used Cricut vinyl.

Step 8:

Once the vinyl is cool enough to touch it, remove the transfer sheet. Ta-da!

Just repeat this process for each shirt you're pressing.

After this project I am seriously considering upgrading my heat press. This would increase my production speed in doing several items in a days time. Stay tuned in for my next crazy project.

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