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Tumbling Around the Kids... DIY Tumblers

I'm so excited for my next big project. I am sublimating 20 ounce skinny tumblers. I love this size because I find my school age kids able to handle them just as easy as I can. They also fit easier into my cup holder in my vehicles. I like they come with covers and straws as well.

To complete my tumbler I used the following supplies:

  • Design to be printed

  • A-sub sublimation paper - found on Amazon

  • Sublimation Printer - Epson ET- 2760

  • Heat transfer tape - found on Amazon

  • 20 ounce skinny sublimation tumbler with lid

  • Tumbler Press - I got mine from Heat Press Nation

  • Heat Glove

  • Heat protected surface - I just used a beach towel

  • Recommended to do this in a well ventilated area as heating ink causing a chemical reaction to happen and does have an odor to it. Not strong but it's there.

Step 1:

The first thing I did was print my design in mirror image format on my A-Sub paper using my sublimation printer. It's important to note you must use sublimation specific paper and ink.

Step 2:

Once your image is printed, wrap it around your blank tumbler making sure it is super tight to the tumbler. Use the heat transfer tape to secure your A-Sub paper to the tumbler. Starting at the seam pull your seams together and secure. Then go around the top edge securing the paper to the tumbler. Tightness counts. Don't leave any gaps or bubbles as they will show as no ink in that spot. Do the same to the bottom of the tumbler. Wrap the overage of the sublimation paper around the bottom edge and secure with heat transfer tape to give the tumbler a true finished look.

Step 3:

Turn on the tumbler press and let it warm up. Set your time and temperate according to your artwork and sublimation paper instructions.

Step 4:

Place the wrapped tumbler into the tumbler press and close press. When the time is completed, using your heat glove, remove the tumbler, turn the tumbler 180 degrees and place back in the tumbler press and press again. The reason for doing this would be that the tumbler press, when closed, doesn't completely touch creating a unheated seamline so it's important to flip it and heat again. Once the time is completed, remove using your heat glove and place a heat protected surface. LET COOL

Step 5:

Once the tumbler is cool to the touch, carefully remove the paper and tape.

Ta-Da! Another fun project complete. Perfect for the next birthday gift or any other gift giving event. I really enjoy practical gifts and this definitely qualifies.

In making a few of these now, I have

learned a few tricks. If your black coloring is coming out more of a "gold" looking color like in my picture that says, "Life is magical". That is an indication of over heating the tumbler.

The vertical line on the baseball theme tumbler you can see turned a "gold" color as well. This tumbler was also over heated by too much time. Some artwork can cause you to have to adjust your time and temperature.

Once you get your time and temperature just perfect. You will making tumblers like they are going out of style. The best part about these is you can put any kind of design on these. These tumblers are sure to be a conversation piece at your next friends and/or friends gathering.

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