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Tinkle all the way...

Updated: Mar 31

A DIY sublimation toilet paper tree.

I've been looking forward to trying this project. I made these for a white elephant gift for Christmas get together.

The supplies I gathered for this project included:

  • 1 very package of toilet paper - I used 7 rolls to build a tree

  • Clear gift wrap

  • curling ribbon to tie at the top

  • scissors

  • tape

  • Image for printing

  • Sublimation Printer

  • Sublimation Paper - I used A-sub

  • Craft Paper

  • Heat Press - I used the Cricut heat press

  • Heat Pressing Mat

Step 1:

Print image or images in this case, to size of toilet paper individual sheet using the sublimation printer and A-sub paper. Be sure to print the image in mirror image format.

Step 2:

Cut images apart if you've printed more than one on a page.

Step 3:

Set up the pressing area. Place pressing mat on hard surface followed by a bottom layer of craft paper to prevent sublimation ink going through the toilet paper and onto your pressing mat. Next, pull the first sheet of toilet paper loose from roll and lay it on base layer of craft paper. Then, place the sublimation image on the toilet paper image side down and cover with another layer of craft paper.

Step 4:

Pressing at the sublimation "standard" of 385-400 degrees Fahrenheit doing 30-60 seconds.

Once complete slowly lift the craft paper and the sublimation image to reveal the newly designed toilet paper sheet.

Step 5:

Once cooled completely, roll the toilet paper back together and use a clear piece of tape to hold the edge down so it doesn't unravel. Once you have 7 rolls completed lay out a clear piece of gift wrap to hold your tree together. Stack the tree in the middle using the gift wrap to help hold things in place. You may want a helper for this part. Once you have it all pulled together use curling ribbon to tie the top of the tree together. Ta-Da! Christmas stinkin' magic!

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