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Life is Better Around the Campfire - A Glowing Camp Light

Updated: Mar 31

Tonight, I tried my luck with permanent vinyl. This is much different than heat transfer vinyl.

Before starting this project I gathered my supplies.

My supply list included:

1 White 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid

1 Puck Light with remote (batteries if not included with puck light)

Black Matte Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Weeder Tool

rubber scraper

Hook and Loop Tape

SVG File

Cutting Machine

Cutting mat for cutting machine

I loaded my SVG image onto the computer. After adjusting my image to be the right size I am ready to cut it out. I used my cutting machine to cut out the image out of my black matte permanent vinyl. (Tip: Don't mirror your image for this project) Once it was cut I weeded out the image background leaving what you see in the picture. When I completed weeding, I used my transfer tape to pick up the image to be placed. I then took the image and placed it onto the bucket. I used my scraper to burnish the image on to the bucket before removing the transfer tape. Once all the bubbles are gone, I removed the transfer tape. Next, I use my hook and loop tape and attach it to the bottom of the puck light and inside the bucket centered on the bottom. I grab the remote and turn it on. Then, I put on the lid and watch as it changes colors in my amazement.

Mission accomplished for this project! I am pleased with how this turned out.

I love these lights because you can completely make them custom to be a conversation piece of your own camp site. The bucket works great for carry smore supplies to the campfire too! Bring back summer, bring back camping season.

Stay tuned for my next crazy project!

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