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If You Want Breakfast in Bed - Sleep in the Kitchen

Updated: Mar 31

DIY Vinyl Decorated Flour Sack Towel

Are you one that would love a morning of sleeping in without the tip toeing of the kids sneaking in to wake you up with breakfast in bed? Then, just sleep in the kitchen and have breakfast in bed!

After breakfast and you've finished the dishes, you can use your new flour sack, DIY dish towel!


List of Supplies

  • 1 Flour Sack Dish Towel (You can buy these in bulk from Amazon)

  • SVG File

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) - pick your own color

  • Weeding Tool

  • Cutting Machine

  • Cutting Mat

  • Heat Press

Let’s Get Started

I went onto the computer and loaded up my design. I took my vinyl and placed it on the cutting mat.

Lesson learned when I attempted to put the wrong side down on the cutting mat, nearly cutting through the carrier sheet. I quickly caught myself and made sure the carrier sheet was on the bottom. (shiny side down they say) I sent the design through the cutting machine and was very pleased in how it turned out. BE SURE TO MIRROR THE IMAGE

I gathered my weeding tool and took out the background leaving the design behind, just how I had hoped. Once I was done cutting and weeding, I took my out my heat press and pressing mat. I placed the dish towel onto the pressing mat and pre pressed it to get any moisture out of the material. I pressed the design using my heat press set to the time and temperature as on the instruction sheet of the vinyl onto the dish towel. Once it was cool enough to the touch I pulled off the carrier sheet. TA-DA! A new dishtowel for the kitchen.


This should be quite the conversation piece at our next family gathering! "If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen".


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